Interview of a working geek, Part -1

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This is an interview of Collin Rusk working on a software firm in USA. I just chatted with him today.

[Bazlur Rahman]: Welcome to Vanquish Tech, Can you tell us your readers about yourself and your Journey in the software development?

[Colin Rusk]: I’m 28. I write mostly web apps. I’ve written both java and ,net ones. That’s where most of my career has been spent. First with Java and then with .net. I got my undergrad in Management information systems in 2005 and I completed my master’s degree in computer science in 2010

[B R]: What type of application development you like most, Web or desktop, though you already mentioned that you mostly write web apps.?

[C R]: to write or work with?

[B R]: both?

[C R]:It’s funny desktop apps you get to control more. Web apps are reliant on the browser a little bit. There’s always frustration there when dealing with multiple browsers. Desktop applications can be frustrating when dealing with multiple platforms. Both have their benefits and shortcomings. desktop apps can involve more complicated logic too

working with: as far as development environments go. I like Eclipse of Java. The plugin’s are nice and it’s easy to work with, Visual Studio is great overall. The tools are amazing and everything’s contained in one place. Plus, visual studio is easy to use. I’m an impatient man, so I tools that take lots of time to figure out how to use and to accomplish things. I like developing and don’t want to waste lots of time doing other stuff. Visual Studio is really good about that.

[B R]: What OS do you prefer most ?

[C R]:I’ve worked mostly with Windows. It has its flaws, but being the largest operating system, Windows also gets a lot of attention. Some of those flaws may be blown up larger than they really are. Linux is nice too. It’s scalability is tremendous. It’s file system is great. Linux is really nice, but as of right I’m more comfortable with Windows. Although, I am trying to learn linux.

[B R]: Are you happy with the modern OS?

[C R]:They’re usable. They’re not perfect either. Personally, I feel like “modern” OS’s aren’t really that modern. Their designs, while updated to accommodate new things, are really based on past assumptions. Memory and processing time were expensive, so speed had to be optimized at that came at the cost stability, security, and modularity. I’ve said this before. Maybe, the OS’s we use need to be rethought

[B R]:Can you please share your ideas or suggestion to our readers ?

[C R]:interesting question. AI interests me. there’s so much potential to put intelligence into systems to improve various things. human beings are still essential. computers are simply not as good as people at certain things, but if we could combine the two and have them interact, imagine how much things could potentially be better.

To Be Continued …….

Bazlur RahmanAbout the Author: A. N. M. Bazlur Rahman is the editor of Vanquish Tech’s blog. He is a student of Institute of Information Technology of University of Dhaka of its software engineering program. He is very much interested in software development and working with php right now. He likes Java programming language very much. Through this web site, he wants to make a large community of software development especially web application development. He enjoys his pastime with programming, listening songs, blogging, watching movies and different computer stuff. You can follow him on twitter .

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  • It was pretty interesting to read about this interview :)
    IMHO,the approach can be improved.

    Best of luck with future interviews!!

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