Do’s and Don’t to improve application performance ??

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Through out the development life cycle and also in testing phase, we are very much concerned about application performance. If that application is web based one than performance takes the prime consideration.

Sometimes we mostly concentrate on developing a feature to provide the required service. After the completion of the development phase if the question arises on performance, then we started working on it. But we are not always sure enough what causes that performance problem. The problem is that, we didn’t know which can cause our server to perform badly or what we should not do while developing our application running on a server.

Sometimes it hearts me thinking that while developing I don’t have enough idea what should I do that will not impact badly. So getting sometime, I have started searching some tips on performance. I was luckily enough to get the site title as Java Performance Tuning. You can choose yours required one from the list of tips to get your answer.

Enjoy working on performance tuning!!!

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